Disposable Vapor Cigarette (Bundle of 10) – Classic

$79.99 $64.99

Each INSTANT Disposable E-cig provides approximately 500 puffs, which equals to two full packs of traditional cigarettes.

Benefits that you want:

  • Good quality and great taste
  • Cool design. Looks exactly like a cigarette
  • A convenient way to “smoke” – smoke anytime, anywhere.
  • Perfect alternative for new E-cig user.
  • No assembling and recharging is needed.
  • Open the package and ready to go. Enjoy it and relax in an instant.

You save 20% on purchasing this bundle of 10 disposable packs.

Strength: 1.8% by volume (Full-flavored)

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Disposable Vapor Cigarette (Bundle of 10) – Classic


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